Alice Von Kannon  Author and Historian


Alice was born in Greenfield, Indiana, at a July picnic her mother probably should have given a miss.  Alice discovered after a bit of family research that her mother, Vera VonKannon, and father, Robert Funcannon, were distant cousins, which explains a great deal.  And the two of them went to Concannon High School, which actually made Ripley’s Believe it or Not.  Hoosiers, however, are at least not as consanguineous as the Windsors, a comforting thought whenever Prince Charles’ ears heave into view.  Additional research proved that the original family name was Von Kannon, which is the name she took. 

Alice had a colorful education at a series of colleges, starting at Indiana University before following her husband on his five-colleges-in-seven-years plan.  She has a degree in film production from L.A. Valley College, and in history from Cal State Northridge.  She is fluent in French so long as they don’t talk at the speed of light, and is presently studying Latin, languages being something of a hobby.  After Latin comes re-learning Hebrew, which got lost somewhere after college.  She is a fanatic on both ancient history and the age of sail. Her other hobbies include perennial gardening and making jewelry—growing restless, like many who share this passion, she’s looking forward to the purchase of her first anvil and blow torch, which will undoubtedly reqiuire a great deal of marital wrangling. 

On the subject of wrangling, she has been married to writer/lecturer/TV producer and all around great guy Christopher Hodapp since they graduated high school three decades ago.  And they said it wouldn’t last.  Alice and Chris have traveled a great deal, in Europe, the Middle East, Turkey, Greece and China, and while Chris is very much at home in London with his fellow Freemasons, Alice prefers Paris with her fellow neurotics.  In a spirit of compromise, they Chunnel a lot.  Together in life on a continuous voyage of discovery, learning patience, humility, and the incredible expense of divorce, they have evolved the theory that any marriage that hasn’t reached year seventeen simply doesn’t count.  There is no license to gripe until you’ve endured at least four presidential administrations together.

Alice spent many years writing advertising copy, and has written for the History Channel.  Both Chris and Alice have backgrounds in commercial production, and both have written many articles for various Masonic and historical publications.  When the opportunity to write Freemasons for Dummies for Wiley Publishing dropped out of the ceiling into Chris’ lap, it is a testament to the strength of their marriage that Alice, still an unpublished novelist, didn’t garrote him with his Masonic pectoral.  But Freemasons for Dummies became wildly popular, and soon enough Alice was drafted into the fray, working with him on two more books for Wiley: The Templar Code For Dummies and Conspiracy Theories & Secret Societies For Dummies.  In 2010, they developed episodes for the History Channel program, Brad Meltzer’s Decoded.

Her most recent historical romance, Heart’s Blood, is the story of an American seaman, wounded in body and spirit after five years of slavery in Algiers, who returns home to find both love and redemption with an eccentric young painter.  It has the good fortune to be represented by Stephany Evans, President of FinePrint Literary Management.  Sample chapters can be seen online, along with a preview of its sequel, Night’s Bloom.

Alice and Chris live in Indianapolis, where they attempting a training program with their entirely too French poodle, Wiley. He has them responding to basic commands.